One Sound of the Futures

Artist: Isaac Chong Wai
Date: 18 / 5 (Public Art Performance)
Time: 1400 - 1800
Location: Kai Tak Runway Park
Registration: Click here


Date: 30 / 5 – 22 / 6 (Performance Video)

Time: Video show-time may vary
Location: K11 Piazza


Artist Statement:


Numerous people from three different cities: Hong Kong, Gwangju, Korea and Wu Han, China are invited to participate in a performance entitled "One Sound of the Futures", acting as speaking sculptures. When I see the current state of these three cities, each with a different historical background, I can’t help but wonder about the futures of their inhabitants: how would every idea, every dream, every wish and every individual’s future change? Lined up in a stringent formation, participants synchronically tell the imaginary futures of their lives. By articulating their imagination of the futures simultaneously, the participants from different cities create a collective noise that embodies a harmonic moment in which the times yet to come is addressed.